Sunday, January 6, 2013

Back at CHO

My angel is now at Children's of Oakland. It was an easy transfer, but the sad thing is that she got so excited when everyone was saying goodbye. She thought that she was going home! Carrie said she was excited until they put her in the ICU at Children's and she just started crying. Carrie said it was so very sad! But we know that it will be good as time passes. She is in a regular bed and hopefully she will move to the rehab room by Tuesday. Carrie said the ICU is smaller than Kaiser which is hard to believe but she will be allowed to stay in the room with Julia. Carrie said that she or Glen will be with her from now on. Glen is taking Amanda home now and Carrie will switch with him on Wednesday. They will be tag teaming for a bit.

I am missing my sweet pea and wish I could hold her and kiss her toes, but am not sure that that would make it much better. I am home for the first half of the week at the least and am not sure when I will go as I feel that I am catching the dreaded cold as I have been a bit full and feel so very tired. Hopefully it will pass quickly and I can go at the end of the week as I planned. I know she will be doing good things there soon.
I hope that they will be able to lessen her time on the ventilator and she will be a little bit free. I hope that that happens quickly! Thanks for the swallowing prayers and the transfer prayers worked so far! Good work!
Love you all and look forward to a good nights report tomorrow and excellent start to therapy.
Grammie Jen

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  1. I am so happy everything went well. It amazes me how much awareness Julia has of her surrounding, though I cannot imagine how said it was to watch her cry to go home. Hopefully recovery will be speedy from now on and the time to go home will come soon.