Monday, January 21, 2013

The Fight Continues

Julia continues to be in extremely serious condition. Her pneumonia is severe enough that even with a high level of support from the ventilator, she is struggling to breathe. She is getting medication to help take fluid off her lungs, and she is sedated. She was understandably agitated, which makes it more difficult to breathe, so the sedation is very important.

One bright note is that her two last cultures came back negative. Hopefully that is an indication that the infection is responding to the antibiotics.

Grammie Jen brought Amanda home to Santa Rosa tonight, so hopefully she can go to school in the morning. Nona and Grandpa Don are with Carrie and Glen in Oakland tonight.

I know I don't have to ask you to keep Julia in your minds and hearts; she is already there.

We are with you Julia and family--we are adding our strength to yours.

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  1. Keeping Julia close to my heart. Sending love to her and all those around her.