Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Back in Rehab

After a couple of nights in the very busy PICU at CHO, Julia is now back on the rehab floor.They have been working to make sure she is keeping her oxygen levels nice and high. They had lowered the settings on her ventilator, but she was having frequent drops in her oxygen levels, and staying well oxygenated is important for healing from brain trauma. Her settings have been increased again, and she is doing better. Carrie had a great meeting with one of the head Rehab doctors, who gave a good explanation of the plan for managing the ventilator. She will need to be weaned from some of the vent settings before she can leave the room, but in the meantime, the Physical, Speech and Occupational Therapists will come to her, and Julia is very pleased to show them her new ability to stick her tongue out on command--no small accomplishment!

Julia has been understandably a bit agitated the last couple of days, but since it is so much more peaceful in her new room, hopefully she and Carrie can get some better rest. Carrie is sleeping with Julia tonight, and tomorrow she and Glen will both be there for a few hours before Carrie heads up to Santa Rosa to spend the rest of the week with Amanda. Grandpa Don and Nona will be coming to visit this weekend. Grammie is missing her girls, but is laid up with a nasty virus-please send your healing thoughts her way, too!



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