Friday, January 11, 2013

Grammie Update

My dear ones, Julia is trying so hard to do her best! She works hard at her therapies, but has a bit of a hampering as she is having so much trouble with her desating. She is being quite a mystery to the docs. She goes from 100% Oxygen to turning blue and passing out in less than 30secs. It is happening much too often and is extremely scary and oh so exhausting for my little one. I think we need to work on them finding out and fixing what is going on with my girl!
The doc told them that he thinks that maybe she is seeing some things and sometimes she doesn't. It may be that she can decipher that which is the most familiar. So Carrie and Amanda are packing up her most favorite things to bring to show her and see what happens. They are planning to go on Friday night. We are hoping Julia will be off restriction and Amanda can see her.
Amanda is having a much harder time now than before. I think that she is really fried at all that has been happening. Hopefully it will bet better soon. I know my angel will get there!
Overall my girl is definitely progressing, just these pesky roadblocks that need to be circumvented! I am anxious to hear how the speech therapy is going as that will be very interesting. They are going to be having a family meeting on Wednesday and that will give them hopefully some answers and such. I wish I could go, but the doc said that I need to stay away until my bronchitis is totally gone! My flu is on the wane and I just need to get the chest to be better. Makes me feel like a welsher when my little one is going through so much harder stuff!!!
So our job is to figure out what is going on with her desating and how to remedy it. I am sure that we can do it. You are the best! Thanks for taking on this new assignment. I can't wait to report our conquest of it!
Love you all
Grammie Jen

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