Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tired girls

My dear sweet angels, I don't have a ton of information as my oldest girl is having a rough time with so many docs and people demanding her answers to multiple questions and her little one being exhausted  mainly from  lack of continuous sleep. So far she is "spitting in the wind" about that. They don't seem to understand that a 45 min stretch of sleep is just not doing it for a regular 2 year and certainly not for a recuperating 2 year old! The man that came at 6 this morning was so proud that he hadn't come at 5 like he was supposed to and when Carrie said that they were doing things to her until after 11 and then awaking her about once an hour for suction that it just wasn't cutting it! I get exhausted realizing how hard my little one is trying and not getting rest! They are going to assign a case manager to her next week and hopefully that will help give her some help with getting the various specialists in sync and the therapy also. She thinks that the docs are all really good, but it is just so very tiring! She did get a bit of time with long time dear friend Leigh this morning, but she didn't get out of the room until almost 6 this evening to try and sneak a shower in and they said she was too late. She just broke down and they reconsidered and let her in. YEAH for people with a heart! Unfortunately she only got to hold Julia for about 45 minutes as she was pretty scheduled and so many doc were coming through!
Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Terry will go in the late morning and stay until Carole and Don get there Saturday afternoon. We are hoping that that will give her a little break and give Terry the chance to give lots of kisses and stories to our little one.
I am so bummed that I still can't get my own kisses in and am afraid that she won't know her Grammie! Ah yes she will!!!!!
Anyway, my friends, my girl is progressing but it is very hard and we sure need to pray that she can get some rest by being able to sleep in the night. I know it will happen, now that they are becoming more and more aware of it.
Thanks for listening to a frustrated Grammie and mom as she is so worried about her girls. Not to mention the third one in Santa Rosa, at least she is hanging in and her dad and uncle are with her now and she has the schedule of school. A good thing!
Love you all,
Grammie Jen

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  1. I cannot believe they do not get idea about the sleeping, it is so key, as parents we are always reminded of how important that is. I hope with all my heart things get better. King family you have endure so much, you are amazing, you are so strong, all this effort will pay off and hopefully one day soon you will be able to bring Julia home.