Monday, January 7, 2013

Grammie Update

My dear ones, it was a good day with some exciting twists! Carrie has been given a room at the house like Ronald MacDonald [called the Family House at CHO]. She was told that she didn't qualify but today was told that she was in! Wow! She has a bedroom in the house right next to the hospital that has 2 queen size beds which is like a hotel room just with no bathroom in it. She is ecstatic! She is so glad since she won't be allowed to sleep in with Julia as the icu has filled up with very sick little kiddos - very sad - she said that several were air lifted in and are quite serious. 4 are also intubated and on respirators, no trach but intubated. So very sad. She also gets a parking space that is free which is huge as it is 7.50 a day in the parking garage. That is a big deal. They have breakfast and do have a nice kitchen etc. Wow, that is Carrie's good fortune and Julia had a good day and they found out that if she hadn't transferred yesterday there would have been no transfer today. WHEW! The rehab doctor was very pleased with the progress that Julia had made over the last month in Kaiser. They were excited and are looking forward to much forward progress! Keep up the good work my angels. You are awesome and we know that you all had a great deal to do with these good things. I am so happy that we may make faster progress and only hope it is true. 

I hope Carrie gets a decent night sleep. They have security walk you over to the house if it is dark. Nice! I don't know how late she will stay, as her phone is dying and her charger went home with Glen. Not the best idea! They will work it out. Carrie was saying that if Amanda continues to have such a hard time they might take her out of school for a day and let her stay with them in the house. The nice thing is that I can stay there also if I am there. That would be nice. Now I just have to get over this virus that I am fighting so that I can go over. I was hoping to go on Thursday, but that is looking a bit doubtful. I so miss my girls and want to kiss my little one's toes and just hug my big one.
Keep up the good work - we will have her swallowing yet and breathing regularly.
I love each of you.
Grammie Jen


  1. That's all really good, positive news!

  2. Do you know what kind of charger they use? I feel like we have almost everyone made and would be happy to pass an extra along. Thanks! Jennie Harriman (