Monday, February 18, 2013

Grammie Jen Checking In

My dear beautiful friends and angels, you have all been such an amazing and supportive group of people. The word community takes on a whole new meaning to me now! You have given us your time, prayers, thoughts, and support. None of it was taken lightly! It was taken with love as it was given to us!
I am so happy to inform you that Julia's corneas were successfully transplanted into a 2 year old boy and a 54 year old woman. I am so happy that two people will be able to look at the world through the beautiful corneas of such a special angel that only saw wonder and beauty and awe in her two short years.
I would like to thank whoever is involved in the angel of hope program, I believe that is the name of the group, that stitched all the angels that came from all over the country to surround us all, especially Julia, in love! The angels were suspended above the doors of the service for Julia and gave extra support at the celebration of her life. We were so blessed to have you as a part of our journey. We suspended the angels with the hearts that were also sent anonymously to Julia during her hospitalization. The love and prayers continuously surrounded us all.
I hope you all had a wonderful day last week as we celebrated valentines day. It was a lovely day here in Folsom and a lovely day at the beach that  Carrie, Glen and Amanda went to.
I love you all and bless you and send sweet thoughts to you all.
Grammie Jen

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  1. You are such and amazing and giving family, there not enough big words to describe you. This news makes me so happy, tomorrow is my birthday and this will truly be the best present. All our love to you as always.